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TAS成立于1962年,是世界著名的脹緊套制造商, TAS產品有TAS液壓縮緊盤,TAS縮緊盤,TAS鎖緊套,TAS聯軸器.TAS產品廣泛地應用于風能,鋼鐵冶金,港口機械,火電,化工,紡織,印刷及礦產等行業.客戶有丹麥VESTAS, 美國GE, ABB, SIEMENS, 力士樂等.

TAS Hydraulic Shrink Disc 液壓縮緊裝置 風能領域
TAS Shrink Disc 縮緊盤 應用于多個行業
TAS Locking Assembly 鎖緊單元
TAS Shaft Coupling 聯軸器


TAS液壓鎖緊裝置 TAS縮緊盤 TAS鎖緊套 TAS聯軸器

Our customer-oriented, flexible and efficient team put our customers' wishes quickly and professionally into practice. We are a company with a high degree of flexibility and lead the market for hydraulic shrink discs. Our team of developers works untiringly on innovative improvements with regard to specific practical requirements and customer wishes.

In 1962 Helmut Schafer founded Helmut Schafer KG. The company started out by manufacturing and installing components for hydraulic self-advancing support. In 1972, after the founder's son Udo Schafer joined the company, the production area of drive technology was set up under the company name Helmut Schafer-Vertrieb. In 1975 the name was changed to Bikon-Technik Müllenberg und Schafer. In 1980 Werner Winkelhaus, the inventor of the shrink disc, granted us the right to joint use for industrial production. This enabled the company to set up its own production and distribution operations. In 1980 the company name was changed again. Since then, the company has been called TAS Schafer Antriebstechnik. In 1995 TAS Schafer received a global patent for hydraulic shrink disc connections.




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